How to Help Elderly Parents who Refuse It

If you’re the adult child of an elderly parent, you’re concerned about their welfare and have started thinking about how to care for them in their remaining years. You may have even discussed this with them. And like many adult children, you may have met some resistance from your elderly parent on this subject. Perhaps they’ve rejected the notion of hiring additional help,

Employee of the month Millie

Millie has been employed with Sunshine as a life enrichment specialist since we opened 5 years ago. We are very lucky to have her. She is loving, compassionate and kind and it defiantly shows in her work with the members. She takes time with each member to make them feel heard and special. Millie is also our beautician here at Sunshine,

Christmas at Sunshine

Sunshine members in both locations, Newburgh & Monticello, enjoyed a great holiday season this year. Starting with a celebratory lunch in Monticello to a visit from Santa in Newburgh. It was a very busy month and everyone had a blast. On behalf of Sunshine, we’d like to wish you a very happy holiday season!

Monticello Day Care

How to Find the Right Adult Day Care Center

If you are a family caregiver to an elderly loved one, it can be very stressful and exhausting at times. You love your relative and are willing to do anything for him or her, but you are only human and have limitations. Perhaps your job is suffering, or you’re starting to neglect your own family.