Our Vision

Our Vision

Sunshine Adult Day Care Services franchise is driven by the belief that each individual deserves the opportunity to lead a productive and meaningful life, regardless of their age. We believe that group socialization can help promote physical health and emotional stability and has been proven to prevent depression, loneliness, and premature institutionalization.

Sunshine is dedicated to promoting the availability of adult day service programs to meet the diverse needs of the growing senior population.

We specialize in providing comprehensive supportive services in a caring environment to enable people with functional impairments to live a purposeful life and to age with dignity.

Our structured programs provide therapeutic activities and mental stimulation in a recreational setting.

At Sunshine we utilize a multifaceted approach using state-of-the-art technology and resources together with our professional and compassionate care providers to create a stimulating and embracing home away from home.

Our Philosophy

At Sunshine we are guided by our belief in the five P’s:
Passion Our passion for helping people gives us the motivation to excel in our quality of service.
Patience We believe that each member deserves to be treated with the same patience one would expect from their loved one
Pride Taking pride in one’s accomplishments is what fuels the desire to believe in yourself and promotes change
Performance Our focus is always on ensuring optimal patient performance in all areas of life including social, physical, and emotional well-being
Practice Our practice is guided by a multifaceted professional curriculum that uses a combination of professional education and individualized approach to stimulate growth and achieve functional outcomes

Why Franchise instead of opening a new business?

At Sunshine, we know what it takes to make an adult day care program successful. While many people go into the business with a passion to serve the elderly, and a dream of financial stability, most people are not aware of all the burdensome, time-consuming and costly duties involved in running a successful adult day program.

Sunshine adult day services offers a comprehensive administrative support program that manages all your administrative needs including: intake, scheduling, bookkeeping, billing, HR file maintenance, and Quality Assurance.

Sunshine’s Administrative Support Program helps you save time and money on administrative costs associated with managing an adult day care program. We handle the back-end office tasks so that you can spend your time ensuring the quality of your program.

Sunshine Adult Day Services Franchise goes above and beyond to make sure your business succeeds. After all your success is our success!

Personalized business consulting services
An individualized adult day care business plan
A State-of-the-art Operational Manual
Comprehensive operations training program
Assistance in advertising and marketing
Ongoing administrative support services
Ongoing training and support by experienced professionals
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