Why Join Sunshine Adult Day Care?

Sunshine ADC provides a home away from home for adults who love to spend time with friends, treasure their health and independence, and want to fill their days with engaging activities and new experiences to look forward to. These are some of the benefits our members enjoy:
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A New Lease on Life

Many older adults face physical and social challenges that keep them at home. We help our members overcome these barriers to enjoy a full life—and offer caregivers a much-needed respite as well.
a healthy heart

Healthy Living

Our members share nutritious breakfast and lunch meals together and can choose to join the group for activities like tai chi, Zumba Gold, yoga, and physical games that help maintain strength and coordination.
Home away from home

Home Away from Home

Each Sunshine center is designed to provide a cozy, comfortable, and welcoming environment for all, and is equipped to meet the needs of members with wheelchairs and other mobility aids.
senior activities

Engaging Activities

Whether it’s playing cards or board games with friends or joining a class in art, music, or computer skills, our members enjoy a wide range of activities that nurture the mind and broaden their horizons.
friendly staff

Friendly, Certified Staff

Our staff at each Sunshine location brings a combination of experience, compassion, and joy to each day they spend with our members. All of them are certified, experienced home health aides.

Mobility and Independence

We give our members the support they need to get out and join the world again. We offer daily door-to-door transportation, and Sunshine members and staff take day trips at least once a month.

Sunshine ADC Services

physical activities

Physical Activities

We offer classes in tai chi, yoga, and Zumba for seniors, as well as meditation and physical games designed to promote coordination, balance, and mobility.
social environment

Social Activities

We hold group activities throughout the day, and provide a comfortable environment where our members can make new friends and spend free time together.
variety of classes


Our year-round classes include subjects like arts, crafts, music, and computer use. We also offer short-term classes tailored to the interests of our members.
communal meals


Each day begins with breakfast, and members order the lunch of their choice from local restaurants. Snacks and beverages are always available.
mobility for seniors


We provide door-to-door private transportation at each of our locations, and assist members who rely on wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility aids.
exciting entertainment


We invite guests like musicians, magicians, and speakers to join us each month, and often take a movie break or fire up the karaoke machine.
day trips

Day Trips

Our members enjoy going on a day trip together at least once a month. Our trips range from picnics and bowling to horseback riding and museum visits.
special events

Special Events

We host holiday parties and hold events that are open to the community. Our members enjoy celebrating birthdays and other special occasions together, too.

Sunshine ADC Locations

Each of our two Sunshine centers provides a comfortable, spacious, and cheerful place to spend time with friends and take part in programmed activities. Every area of our center is easily accessible to those with wheelchairs and other mobility aids.


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