Happy volunteer seniors couple smiling at the camera on a sunny day

How Volunteering Can Positively Affect a Senior’s Wellbeing

Volunteering: It’s touted as an excellent way to use extra time and give back to a community, but it can also have marked health benefits fro seniors and aging individuals. When seniors retire, they’re often left feeling bored and uninspired. Volunteering is a fantastic way to mitigate these symptoms while also helping give back to the community.

happy seniors maintaining active social lives to help avoid dementia

How Active Social Lives Can Help Seniors Avoid Dementia

With a Little Help from Their Friends

As seniors age, it’s common for friendships and close social relationships to begin dropping off. People get sick, people move, and, eventually, friendships become harder and harder to maintain. New research, however, is proving that maintaining those friendships is much more important than we previously thought. In addition to preventing isolation and providing mood boosts for seniors,

father and son having conversation about adult day care sending parents to adult day care

How to Convince Your Parents to Attend Adult Day Care

We understand – adult day care can be a touchy subject. All too often, children want their parents to consider entering an adult day care program, but parents feel as if a program like this is a one-way ticket to a complete loss of independence and a new identity they aren’t quite ready to embrace. Fortunately,