Connections: Gifts for Elderly with Dementia

It can be very frustrating and upsetting to see your loved one seemingly taken away by dementia. It can also be very difficult to understand how to make the time you spend together quality time when your loved one is no longer the same as they were.

I understand how upsetting this process can be and have put together some suggestions for how to make the time spent together valuable,

Gifts for Elderly: Spending Quality Time Together

Have you ever felt a bit at a loss for how to improve the time you spend with your elderly parent? Often, as our parents’ age, we realize that they will not be around forever and feel a need to make the time spent together count!

I spent a lot of time and effort connecting with the elderly and their families to get advice on how to make the most of the time we do get to spend together.

Christmas Gift for the Elderly

I couldn’t include a special section for birthday gifts for the elderly and not include one for Christmas (my favorite time of year).

Christmas is a special time of the year for many people and it’s always fun to give a memorable Christmas gift for the elderly!

Whereas many of our other articles contain gift ideas for all occasions,

Birthday Gifts for Elderly

Many of the gift suggestions made in Gift Ideas for the Elderly will also make good gifts for birthdays for your elderly loved one.

I’ve saved a couple of good ones just for birthday gifts for the elderly, though, so be sure to check this article out.

There are a few new suggestions I thought would be more special for birthdays.

Gift Ideas for the Elderly with Hearing, Vision and Cognitive Issues

I wanted to include a section with functional gift suggestions for typical conditions that affect the elderly.

This article includes mostly functional ideas so that your gifts for the elderly can be both practical and helpful. Many of the ideas outlined in this article will make life easier – for everyone!

My dad isn’t quite “elderly”

Gifts for the Elderly

Gift Ideas for the Elderly is an article that provides practical, functional, safety and fun gift suggestions (don’t worry, we wouldn’t forget fun).

These suggestions came directly from elderly people themselves (mostly). As an occupational therapist, I couldn’t help myself and had to throw in a couple of safety equipment suggestions as well.

There are at least 50 gift suggestions,