Gifts for the Elderly

Gift Ideas for the Elderly is an article that provides practical, functional, safety and fun gift suggestions (don’t worry, we wouldn’t forget fun). These suggestions came directly from elderly people themselves (mostly). As an occupational therapist, I couldn’t help myself and had to throw in a couple of safety equipment suggestions as well. There are at least 50 gift suggestions, with most of the ideas being gifts for the elderly that are affordable and can be wrapped up or sent to your loved one. There is also a small section to get you thinking of ways to spend time together, which can be a wonderful form of gift-giving. This is expanded on in more detail in other articles such as Gifts for Elderly: Spending Quality Time Together. Gifts of service are also very beneficial for the elderly (and much appreciated!). This article includes a section at the bottom that outlines the top 10 gift suggestions as reported by seniors I have worked with over the years. To read this article: Gift Ideas for the Elderly